Nosily Nathan – Chapter 1, Meeting Scott

Nathan stood patiently in cue outside the cinema. His insides squirmed with excitement as his eyes flashed over the words on the marquee; “Cyrano de Bergerac”. An image of Gerard Depardieu as the poet with the mighty proboscis, crossed Nathan’s mind. His testicles lept into his abdomen as if he were standing on a precipice. Perhaps he was – after all, the last showing of Cyrano de Bergerac that nathan attended, had ended in disaster. Nathan had become so excited that he painted the inside of his pants with liquid lust, making his exit from the cinema quite a humiliating ordeal.

The girth and character of a person’s nose aroused Nathan greatly. The cinema wasn’t the usual place he would go to indulge his lust. The vast majority of hollywood stars have symmetrical features and those who aren’t born with them, usually undergo plastic surgery, something that nathan thought abominable. Nathan’s own nose was meager and he occasionally fantasized about getting surgery to make it more striking.

A young man’s voice broke nathan’s wandering mind, “Next Please!”

Nathan stepped up to the box office.

“One adult for Cyrano ple-”

His sentence was cut short as he studied the nose attached to the face he was now in front of.

The nasal bridge had definitely suffered a break at some point and the septal cartilage hadn’t set straight. The young man that the nose belonged to, couldn’t be older than twenty, perhaps it was a high school sporting injury? Cricket? Rugby? WRESTLING?! Nathan’s mind flipped through possible scenarios heatedly.

“Sir? which film have you come to see?” the young ticket vendor exclaimed.

“Oh, Cyrano de Bergerac please.”

As the ticket transaction was being processed, Nathan tore his eyes from the boy’s alluring facial feature and read his name tag:

Hello my name is Scott.

“Have you seen this film Scott?” Nathan asked.

“Oh, nah, not me” replied Scott, “not really into foreign stuff”.

As he said this, Scott wrinkled his nose to express his aversion to subtitled films. Nathan’s genitals writhed in response.

“Well, enjoy the picture sir.”

“I will Scott, I will. One more thing Scott.”

“Yes sir?”

“Has anyone ever told you that your nose is… delectable?”

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