Nosily Nathan, Chapter 3 – Evaculation

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Nathan could not resist glancing sideways every time bright flashes from the cinema screen revealed the curvature of the Woman’s breasts and gently flaring nostrils.

A clumsy lick of her choctop had left a dollop of vanilla ice cream dangling from the tip of her nose like a little white spelunker. Oh how Nathan envied that dairy droplet – swinging gently from the most glorious facial feature. Nathan could feel movement in his trousers. He casually adjusted himself to secret his arousal, tucking his erect penis into the top of his trousers waist line, and tightening his belt to keep impulsive organ in check.

Just as Nathan had secured his member in its new position, the woman’s tongue shot out of her mouth and cleared the creamy dangler from the tip of her nose.

“Ooooohh! Ugh!!!”

Nathan’s testicles tightened and drained themselves of their fluid. Because of the repositioning of his bell, the streams of sticky white spunk exploded into his shirt! He knew he didn’t have much time before the ejaculate seeped into the fabric. His face hot, feeling lightheaded, Nathan sprung to his feet and bolted from the cinema. He was walking at a brisk pace so as not to draw too much attention but as he passed the restrooms the door opened and Nathan collided with a man and fell to the floor on his back.

“Oh! I’m so sorry mister! Let me help you up!”

A familiar voice said. Nathan looked up to see the friendly face of Scott.

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