The Jake & Simon Show, in memory of Tomoyuki Tanaka! – Episode 18

Expect the usual drunk fumbling for thoughts, crude musings, and a few laughs. We have a lengthy discussion about Simon’s Perth holiday (but disregard Jake’s Gold Coast holiday). Simon pens a lengthy chapter of of Nosily Nathan and critiques Jake’s unprofessional reading of it. The Devil’s Advocate segment is again performed by Jake, only this time as Mrs. Doubtfire (for no reason other than to entertain Simon… and hopefully the listeners). The boys discuss the death of Bhumibol Adulyadej, (ex)King of Thailand and Simon follows up last episode by getting in touch with the good people over at Chiko Roll. Spoiler alert! Jake and Simon kind of review the new Shin Godzilla film.

4 thoughts on “The Jake & Simon Show, in memory of Tomoyuki Tanaka! – Episode 18”

  1. Hot Damn – You guys sure did pick on the Chiko Roll company! This was a great episode, I was truly laughing my ass off. Nosily Nathan has been an excellent podcast as well. I wonder if you were to record it without laughter in the background if it would sell on an alternative site of some sort? I sent you a loop for the show, but I see it could be longer – wanna make a show?

    1. Hey sorry for the late reply dude! Missed the loop… did you email? We defs have to get you on sometime – we are just super disorganised. Slowly building a package of Aussie stuff to send you 🙂

      1. Simon –
        I sent a link to youse guyses via the J&S Prize Sack method of contact; I’ve scouted all of my emails and cannot find an actual email address to contact y’all by (Tooson-speak). So, if you’d like to have an email to contact me by, I think there’s one included with my response to you in this comment section. And if you want another one, I have a contact button on my website at

        I’m around nearly all day, most days (work from home now), so I’ll be here! Thanks again for this excellent podcast, I love it!

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