The Jake & Simon Show, Spice Run Edition – Episode 5

Jake and Simon return after a long hiatus, with Jake almost dieing from overexposure to hot sauce. They do some housekeeping and explain their absence, discuss all manner of the absurd and introduce two new segments: Monologue Museum and the Ork Awards. Fart Stories get retired but Devil’s Advocate and How Low Would You Go return.


The Jake & Simon Show, Billionaire’s Edition – Episode 4

We go baroque, we rap (poorly), we do Devil’s Advocate and How Low Would You Go, we talk pornographic paper airplanes, lighting farts, using museum bathrooms and much more! Ever wonder what a Full-Donald is?

The Jake & Simon Show with guest, ‘The Beast’ (again) – Episode 1

Welcome to Episode One. Slightly more refined (unlike Star Wars Episode One), Simon and Jake (and the Beast) return with your favourite segments… Fart Stories, Devil’s Advocate & How Low Would You Go are covered – plus some other depraved nonsense!